Kurs Group Brand Incubator

Kurs Group Brand Incubator is a team of passion-driven experts in the beauty industry.

We focus on creating and delivering outstanding brands with exceptional product ranges to our customers at the right time. We call it “filling in blank spaces”.

Our approach is always flexible and stays in-line with the fast-pacing trends and opportunities to implement our ambitious and unique approach.

We stand for strategic and sustainable relationships with our clients and always ready to take on challenging goals because passion is what drives us to make our next step.



Soda is not polished, dull or arrogant. It is not a brand that tells you what to do, it only makes suggestions. It ‘s a brand that doesn’t judge you or tries to improve you. And it is definitely not a brand that defines your flow. Nope, Soda just really likes to go with yours.

”Soda is like a friend that treats you kindly, smiles right at you, helps you fly to rainbows and pink skies and lets you be you!”

The CREOM collection is designed to offer the finest combinations of Swiss science and Natural ingredients to create a LUXURIOUS DAILY SKINCARE ROUTINE.

All CREOM products are designed and manufactured in Switzerland from local ingredients and materials in full compliance with CLEAN FORMULAE concept.


SUSTAINABILITY AND GEO-UNIQUE KEY INGREDIENTS SOURCED FROM AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND – produced using solar energy, saving forests, with zero carbon emissions and packed into vacuum air free recyclable bottles.

EFFICIENT formulas developed in one of the best and most modern laboratory in the world with usage of artificial intelligence based on unique natural AUSTRALIAN ingredients without more than 100 disputed ingredients (pigments, alcohol, paraben preservatives, silicon etc.).

EFFICIENCY in each drop because of INNOVATIVE LIPOSOME TECHNOLOGY – each drop of cream and serum contains one trillion liposomes, small particles, which penetrate deep into skin and recover your skin cell by cell.

An artisan perfumery craftsmanship with italian heritage at heart.

”A Legend Returns”



Denis Raspopin


Maksim Pavliukevich

Commercial Director

Natasha Bezrukova

Head of International Sales

Stas Rimsky

Financial Manager

Alice Kharitonova

Brand Director

Marina Muraveva

Marketing Manager

Dasha Hlupnova

Creative Manager

Igor Shimanskiy

Head of Sales Russia

Kristina Shkolnik

Key Account Manager

Timothy Odenwald

Deputy Commercial Director

Dmitriy Stepanov

E-commerce Manager

Konstantin Milovanov

Supply Chain Manager